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Although LED lighting energy-saving price threshold needs to be broken


  LED lighting is considered to be an ideal alternative to replace traditional incandescent lamps, but its price of nearly one hundred yuan at every turn makes many consumers can only sigh. Subject to price bottlenecks, domestic LED lighting demand has also been tepid.

  According to the "Road Map for Phase-out of Incandescent Lamps in China" previously announced by the National Development and Reform Commission, the sale of incandescent lamps for general lighting of 100 watts and above will be prohibited from October 1, 2012; from October 1, 2014, the sale of 60 watts and incandescent lamps will be prohibited. The above incandescent lamps for general lighting; from October 1, 2016, the sale and import of 15 watt and above incandescent lamps for general lighting are prohibited.

  When LED lighting products enter millions of households has become a major key to the development of the industry. At present, the market price of LED lights is several times that of traditional light sources, and the high price has become an obstacle to the popularization of LEDs. Whether LED lamps can become a substitute for incandescent lamps depends on whether the cost of LEDs can be lowered and whether the market price can be lowered.

  According to experts, the cost structure of LED bulbs basically includes three parts: light source, power supply, and structural parts of the lamp body. At present, most domestic companies mainly buy these three parts for electronic assembly, or buy some of them, and the other parts are done by themselves. Design, in this way, profit interception is in the middle and upper reaches, and the cost is naturally difficult to effectively control.

  "The reason why LED bulbs are expensive is closely related to the characteristics of the LED industry chain." Qi Faxin, an LED industry analyst at the research institute SEMI China, told reporters that the current LED industry is still a young industry and is in the process of development. The core part of the LED industry is the semiconductor industry, while the LED manufacturing industry is still During the period of low manufacturing efficiency, small enterprise scale, and scattered distribution, an efficient manufacturing model has not yet been formed, and low efficiency means high costs.

  However, with the continuous development of LED lighting technology in recent years, especially the sharp decline in upstream LED chip prices since 2011, and the decline in the cost of related supporting materials, this has brought opportunities for the price reduction of domestic LED lighting products.

  The reporter recently learned from the LED lighting company Shangshun Lighting (China) Co., Ltd. that in view of the current high price of LED lamps, Shangshun Lighting will launch three LED lighting products at 100 yuan for the first time in China. Compared with similar products, the drop rate is nearly 50%.

  Sun Jianning, general manager of Sunsun Lighting, told reporters that the reason why the company was able to launch price-disruptive LED lighting products was because it packaged the light source and designed the driver IC for the power supply. In addition, the structure of the lamp body was also independently researched and developed. It is through effective vertical integration that the company can control the overall cost structure while ensuring quality, so that the light source and power supply are optimally combined, thereby maximizing the conversion rate of the light source, and the light output rate of the product is thus at the leading level.

   In addition to Shangshun Lighting, a number of domestic LED lighting companies have recently announced that they will launch low-cost LED lighting products. In response to this phenomenon, Qi Faxin said that the domestic LED lighting market is at a node on the eve of the outbreak period. There are many downstream LED lighting companies and the competition is fierce. At this time, companies launch LED lighting products with disruptive costs in order to quickly gain market share. , The formation of brand recognition is very important to gaining a larger market in the future.

  In order to promote the application of domestic LED lighting products, the State Council executive meeting not long ago discussed and adopted the "National Basic Public Service System "Twelfth Five-Year Plan"," and determined policies and measures to encourage consumption of products such as energy-saving home appliances, of which 2.2 billion yuan will be allocated Used to support the promotion of energy-saving lamps and LED lamps.

  The research organization LEDinside believes that the price reduction of LED lighting products will accelerate the penetration rate of the civilian market. Looking forward to the development of the LED industry in the future, only by improving technical capabilities and establishing self-patent thresholds can we have a chance to survive this knockout.

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