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Introduction to Technical Services

Optical Design Technology

Our original DIWL calculus method uses a unique optical design and development concept for secondary light distribution design, and proficient in using high-order free-form surfaces.

Precision optical mold technology

Standard molding room with CNC machine tools, and have slow wire processing, mirror polishing and other processing capabilities. There is two-dimensional precision test equipment with a perfect mold storage place.

Precision injection processing technology

OS-optics has precise optical injection molding process control technology, more than 20 years’ experience in injection molding adjustment of optical products, and uses imported optical injection molding materials strictly. Factory has automatic robotic arms, ultrasonic welding, laser cutting equipment, yellowing resistance, high temperature resistance and other quality testing equipment.

Process & Policy

Precision optical design

Perform optical design and simulation according to the optical requirements, LED models, and optical device size requirements provided by customers; provide design reports and optical solutions.

Period: 1-5 days

Industrial mold design

Based on the optical design, product structure design, mold design, and mold flow analysis are carried out based on product installation and industrial appearance requirements.

Period: 1-5 days

Precision mold processing

In order to achieve the optical effect, use precision machine tools to process molds

General mold processing time: 20-35 days

Test mold (soft mold): 5-10 days

Precision optical injection

According to the optical requirements, LED models, and optical device requirements provided by customers, optical design and simulation are performed; design reports and optical solutions are provided.