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Outdoor LED advertising market enters a new era of high-definition


    LED display screen is an advertising video display product with high brightness, low working voltage, low power consumption, long life, impact resistance and stable performance. The LED display application product market is developing rapidly. Due to the highly mature technology and stable performance of the product itself, it has become the new favorite of merchants' outdoor video advertising media.

    In just a few years, domestic outdoor advertising LED displays in large and medium-sized cities have sprung up rapidly. Major media giants such as Phoenix Metropolis Media, Tulip Media, TOM Outdoor Media, etc. have accelerated their deployment of outdoor LED advertising video media. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and other cities have invested heavily in the construction of outdoor advertising LED large screens to seize the highest point of outdoor video advertising resources.

    For a time, LED display screens are booming in the outdoor advertising market, and urban advertising media companies at all levels quickly followed up to build outdoor advertising LED display billboards. In many small and medium-sized cities, the installation of outdoor full-color LED large screens is not only a carrier for video advertising, but also an external platform for government agencies and units to frequently release government information and urban promotional videos. The installation of full-color display screens can spread information, beautify the image of the city, and improve the city's grade, so it has also received strong support from the government.

    The wave of popularization of full-color LED displays has begun to sweep across China. LED displays can be seen everywhere in large and medium-sized cities, counties, towns, and enterprises, and it is not difficult to find full-color LED displays. LED displays The application market has grown unprecedentedly.

    The pursuit of high-definition and high-resolution LED large-screen display equipment is unquestionable, especially for LED display applications. The ultra-large size, ultra-high brightness, and wide viewing angle of LED display devices are unmatched by other display device products. However, the realization of high-definition display image quality at close range has always been a bottleneck that is difficult to break through. This is especially true for outdoor full-color LED displays that are tens of square meters and have a relatively close viewing distance.

    With the deepening of the popularity of LED displays, especially full-color LED displays, users' demand for personalized full-color LED displays has gradually emerged. According to investigations by relevant experts, the launch of outdoor high-definition series full-color LED screen application products will surely lead the outdoor LED advertising market into a new era of high-definition, and we will wait and see.

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